Pre-wedding Couple Portraits

It's amazing how important a photo becomes once the moment is gone. There are so many reasons why having a pre-wedding couple session with me will be something you will treasure alongside your wedding day memories. 

Diana Cooper Couple Portrait Photographer Lake District And Cumbria 100

Many traditions to the wedding day include details, like asking wedding guests to leave wedding day well wishes and messages, or personalised favours. I offer a pre-wedding day couple portrait session so that you can use your images anyway you want. Whether it’s only for you or to create something personalised and special for your guests to sign on your wedding day, and leave messages, such as a framed photo poster that they can all sign or a personalised photo guest book. There are many creative products and options that I can offer to design for you and it will add that extra wow factor and detail on your wedding day.  Your guests won’t be able to resist adding an "I was here..." message on something so fun, and it makes a great keepsake to add to your treasured memories!

If you are a bit uncomfortable or shy in front of a camera, then a couple shoot would be ideal for you to have time with me before your big day. It is a great way for you to get used to me and it is great way for me to get to know you too. (Especially any likes or dislikes.) 

I offer both - a studio style photo shoot, or a location portrait session. And every session is always unique to each of my clients. Then the fun part is choosing what you want to do in your photo shoot.

You can keep it as low key or as adventurous as you like! So please contact me about my availability for your dates and for my wedding info pack. It includes all you need to know.

Diana Cooper Couple Portrait Photographer Lake District And Cumbria 101
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